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About Promotions on Notch!

What is a Promotion?

A Promotion is where a user pays to have their List appear in the Social feed of other users as a "Sponsored" list and in the "Featured" section of the Browse lists page.  The reason a user may do this is to increase the number of followers on their List, the number of followers on their profile, to increase their total Notch points, or some other reason.

How to Promote a List?

Notch users can promote Lists they create by selecting the "Promote" icon at the bottom of the List Viewer page. 

How it works?

  1. Create a Profile - You must have a Notch profile to run promotions.

  2. Create a List - Select the List you want to Promote by viewing the list on Your Lists and clicking Promote.

  3. Determine Budget - Decide what budget you're comfortable with spending.

  4. Publish Promotion - Now that your promotion is ready to go, hit "Promote". 

Notch uses powerful advertising optimization logic and tools that allow users to reach the right audience. 


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